The high court has extended orders restraining the ministry of industrialisation from interfering with the operations of the kenya planters co-operative union.

In his orders, justice weldon korir also barred a group of newly elected directors who are backed by the ministry from assuming office until a case filed by the current KPCU board is heard and determined.

It is feared that the tussle between the current board and the ministry could stall efforts to stabilise the once prosperous coffee co-operative which fell into receivership in October 2009.
Last Thursday, the high court barred the commissioner of co-operatives and the industrialisation cabinet secretary from conducting a special general meeting to endorse a new board of directors for  KPCU.

Those orders were extended on monday through an order issued by justice Weldon Korir.

KPCU through its lawyer Gakoi Maina argued that the new directors were elected in a disputed election conducted by the ministry of industrialisation without the consent of the current board.

” The commissioner has never communicated to us about elections how do you hold an election for a company and you don’t inform the sitting board, and yet you are represented on that board.” says kpcu’s chairman William Gatei.

Gakoi further told the court that the newly elected directors stormed KPCU’s premises and forcefully ejected the current board in disregard of the earlier court order.

A move, KPCU’s board contends, is making it difficult for the sitting board to successfully manage the union.
Gatei says, they want to sabotage the return of KPCU into business by bringing in a team of new people who don’t he history or background of what has been going on.

The warring parties are expected back in court on the 4th of september for further direction.


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